3M Window Film on the Waterfront

Protect Your Windows From Harmful Weather & More

Living or owning a business along the Florida coastline brings the added benefits of ocean views and offshore breezes. However, Florida’s unpredictable and sometimes dangerous weather carries significant risk. Property owners throughout the Flagler, Volusia and Brevard County areas trust our experts at Orlando Window Tint Specialists to provide premium window protection using 3M™’s Ultra Prestige Film.

Only 3M™ Window Film products can deliver peace of mind by employing proprietary technology, developed specifically to defend and deter against severe weather*, harmful UV rays, break-ins and more. Our expert team of window tint specialists are 3M™ certified to ensure the proper installation of 3M™ Window Film products in both residential and commercial properties along and around the vulnerable Florida Atlantic coast.

Residential & Commercial properties benefit from 3M™ Ultra Prestige Film

Owning a home or business along the Florida coastline is everything you hoped for–ocean breezes, inspiring sunrises, everyday beach days and the threat of a busy storm season. At Orlando Window Tint Specialists, we believe that your choice to live or work on the water doesn’t have to come with a constant fear of severe weather, or the threat of burglaries that often follow.

Backed by our trusted guarantee, honored only for 3M™ certified installs, 3M™ Ultra Prestige Film keeps shattered glass held together to defend your home or business against the ill-fated effects of flying glass in high-speed winds, harsh rain and flooding water.

Stay Calm After the Storm

3M™ Ultra Prestige Film also serves as a solution to deter criminals from breaking and entering by providing an additional barrier to break through. Now, when the storm has passed and reports of looting start to rise, rest more soundly knowing your place of business or residence has the added protection of 3M™ Ultra Prestige Film, proven to be a little more difficult than most burglars want to bother with.

Added UV Safety

When the weather isn’t threatening your home or business with rain and wind, the sun can send your interiors fading with harmful UV ray penetration. For properties facing East or West on A1A, and for anyone living near the inviting Atlantic Ocean, that gorgeous ocean view comes with the unpleasant, added price tag of damaged interiors from UV light. Shop owners can attest, from Daytona to Merritt Island and everywhere in between, inventory is always threatened by incoming sunlight… and who really wants to buy or sell faded beach attire?

Low-Risk Views, In and Out

3M™ Ultra Prestige Films is made from up to 42 micro-layers of clear, tear-resistant film. Combined with its impressive strength, an added layer of Prestige Sun Control Film helps reject up to 60% of incoming heat and 97% of the sun's infrared light. From storefront merchandise to coastal home furnishings, your interior is protected from harmful UV rays while maintaining visibility with up 70% of the sun’s natural light still allowed into your home or business.

Serving All of Central Florida's Costal Communities

OWTS proudly protects commercial and residential properties, waterfront homes, businesses and high-rise properties in and around the Flagler, Volusia and Brevard County areas.


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*Refer to Notice of Acceptance for Rules and Limitations Regarding Installation and Application of 3M™ Ultra Prestige Film.